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Archètipi Ribolla Gialla


Archètipi Ribolla Gialla

Venezia Giulia PGI

Archètipi Ribolla Gialla

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100% Ribolla Gialla.


The area close to the river Isonzo, where Puiatti’s Ribolla Gialla vineyards are located, is a plateau softly sloping away from the hills towards the Adriatic sea.


Strictly by hand at the end of September.


This wine is made with an innovative technique called INFUSION, a process where a quantity of carefully and individually hand-destemmed berries (max. 15%) is added to Ribolla wine from the previous year. In the absence of oxidation (typical of maceration processes), the alcohol in the wine extracts the aromatic components contained in the skins of this unique grape variety.


In steel containers for 6 months and a further 6 months in bottle.

Tasting notes

The infusion period lasts from two to eight weeks, depending on the aromatic fraction required. During the first few days of infusion the floral components of acacia and elderflower are extracted. Then come the honey notes and ripe fruit, especially Golden Delicious apples and cooked pears. Further infusion gives very pleasant hints of gooseberries.

Serving suggestion

It goes well with cold starters, soups, velvety creams, vegetable pasta and rice dishes and fish dishes.