Vineyards are daughters of the earth and as such, they have unique personalities. Cantina Puiatti has always strived to highlight their uniqueness, exalting their purity and respecting their essence.

Cantina Puiatti - Method Cantina Puiatti - Method
Cantina Puiatti - Method Cantina Puiatti - Method
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    Our strength is the perfect equilibrium between freshness and structure, precision, planning and creativity. Everything is born within our vineyards: 44 hectares of a foothill, graveled territory facing Isonzo’s banks where the varieties are grown to obtain refined, elegant, well-structured wines as well as international vineyards that provide great sapidity and minerality. An area particularly suited for the cultivation of white grapes. A true nature gift that must be preserved by promoting sustainable practices with organic manuring, rescue irrigation and biological control of the insects as well as programs aimed at the replenishment of biodiversity.

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    After the work in vineyard, where the quality of the future wines is decided, the juice is extracted from the grape with soft pressure of only 0.2 atmospheres. The must is separated from the peel, the wines are separated from their lees by static separation. Cantina Puiatti’s wine ferment and mature on their fine lees, only in steel to maintain a natural balance of fruit and freshness and become their genuine expression.